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Long lost fairy sisters, brought up in different seasons, one day discover each other at the border of Pixie Hollow and the Winter Woods. There’s something special which happens when these two fairies get together. When they connect, their wings sparkle.

For those of you who don’t know, Tinkerbell, that tricksy tinkering fairy who is friends with Peter Pan, has launched her solo career, and is doing quite well from it. I had a special auntie/ sister trip the other day to see this sparkling story at the cinema. And yes- films for four year olds are sometimes the most profound (my little niece was discretely wiping the tears as they made their way down her sweet little cheeks).

So let me sprinkle a bit of their fairy-dust philosophy before your eyes;

We often learn stuff from those who don’t share our circumstances. Those from a different context. Tinkerbell and Periwinkle were from two different seasons, and a border divided the warmth of Pixie Hollow from the chilly Winter Woods. Once they discovered each other, these two fairies were curious to understand how the other lived. To see fish swim in melted ice and butterflies flutter through the skies. To slide on the frozen water and put sparkly frosting on everything. We can have our eyes and our hearts opened to new things when we cross into someone else’s circumstances. But we need to make the step across the border and that requires us to take the step.

And when we make that step, we get the chance to meet and engage in each others worlds. We can discover the most magical connections. Connections to open our hearts and minds. Connections which excite us, inspire us. Connections which heal us. Connections which make us sparkle, just like the fairy wings.

But it’s not easy to make the step, is it? Much easier for Tinkerbell to stay in Pixie Hollow where she would be safe. Sometimes it requires a risk to step into someone else’s context.  So much is unfamiliar, it can disturb our comfort. Different ways of doing things. Different leaders. Different priorities. But, despite the risk of stepping into another context, these fairies discovered they had a lot to learn from each other.

Tink and Periwinkle share their fairy-hood. And when we step into a different context, we share our humanity with the people we encounter in the places we risk stepping into. Wherever you go, whoever you meet, you share humanity. You share the fact that you have been created with purpose, for extraordinary things. Unique and beautiful plans for your individual lives. You share senses and feelings. You share body, mind and soul.

So remember that when you find yourself in a new context- there is much to learn from the magical connections you can make with humanity in different circumstances.

So why not take a step over the ‘border’? I suspect you’ll find connections in humanity which make you sparkle.